The Tiniest Projects

Along with The Uprooted (2011), Yarli gave birth to over 200 miniature clay figures that are only sized half of her little finger. Her interest has always involved narratives of the little figures, where meanings inhabited in situations are fluid and malleable with the intent of exploring tension between cultural and personal identities, contextualising spaces to examine one’s sense of belonging.
Every tiny figure are created uniquely while treated with equal heart.

Mindscape studies III, Stoneware, Plate 24 x 15cm, Figure 2 x 1cm, 2012

Mindscape studies (Installation view), 2012

Mindscape studies IV, Stoneware, 11(W) x 20(L) x 8(H) cm, 2012

The Uprooted, 2011

_ _ _ _ Is Fragile, 2014

In the kiln along with mini furnitures (2011)

Mindscape studies II, 7(L) x 3(D) x 2(W) cm, Glazed Porcelain and Stoneware, 2012

Mindscape studies2 (Background painting), Oil on wood board, 40 x 40 cm, 2012

The Uprooted, 2011

Drifting in Between, 2013

Segregation, 2012 - an observation of Hong Kong's rapid development pace

Segregation, 2012 - detail of 60s tenement buildings 'Tong Lau' (Chinese:唐樓)

Segregation, 2012 - an observation of Hong Kong's rapid development pace

Maybe There Is A Way, 2014

Eye Stand, 2013

Every Bodies Toilet, 2014

These sets of figures has been exhibited at 12 Trees Gardiner Museum Auction (Toronto, Canada), Toronto World Pride 2014, The Annual Figure Show by Ontario College of Art and Design University 2014, Visual Perception & Representation of Chi Lin Nunnery & Nan Lian Garden, Main L1 Gallery, JCCAC, Hong Kong, 2012 .

..... 2018

Fortune Teller Is Not Here, 2018

Elephant the Allison, 2018

Missing Chicken_Assembling with Open Mouths, 2018


..... 2017

Sea Chicken - A short memoir on Immigration Tide, 2017 I Wish You Pluffy Pluffy, 2017

Sound Ball Game: Watermelon Salad, 2017

..... 2016

Momo, The Talking Hair, 2016 Study of Pores, 2016 No Jumper in Nowhere, 2016 From Kendra, with Love (let's not talk about it)., 2016 The Poems of Walls #1-4, 2016 Wood-Eye, Eye-Human (木-目,目-人), 2016

.................... 2015
"It Says There Is A Dead Body", 2015 Me(n)tal Skin Cage 02, 2015 280 Hours of Attachment, 2015 Exposure Practice I & II, 2015

.................. 2014

Me(n)tal Skin Cage 01, 2014 Absent Friends, 2014

............ 2009-13

The Tiniest Projects, 2011- Mary's Everlasting Vacation Project Stuff leaking out from my mind to studios, 2009- Body Boxes, 2013