" Yarli Allison - Art

The Uprooted
Oil on Acacia wood 相思木, ceramic and steel

Photo by Mac Tsang

Photo by Mac Tsang

(Darkroom setting) Projection on Viewers standing in front of the sculpture

Choosing to leave home,

you wandered to the other side of the world,

with the desire to root.

Yet how does one learn to stop drifting?

The Uprooted is Yarli’s last piece in Hong Kong before returning to Canada alone.

She contained this 1.5 year self-analyzation period into a 200 pages book, texted with English and Chinese as a documentary. Then she carried along to Toronto as a journal of her Eastern-Western hybridity. Selected photos in the book are shared in this post.

..... 2019/20
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............ Very Old, but important stuff

The Tiniest Projects, 2011- Mary's Everlasting Vacation Project, 2007 Studio / experimental impulses (2009-2018) Body Boxes, 2013

Yarli Allison - Work YARLI ALLISON (b.88) is a Hong Kong-Canadian born, London-based artist with a multidisciplinary approach that traverses drawing, sculpture, performance, digital, film and installation.