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Web 3.0 x speculative futures x feminist perspective, King’s College London, UK
- 2024 -
Dr Sara Lara Marquez-Gallardo discuss with Yarli on new research project Stem Cell Clinic < beta > within the context of GLOW: Illuminating Innovation at King's College London.
Intersecting technology, biology, and social consciousness, the work confronts us with profound questions about gender health disparities and ecological rehabilitation. We'll delve into the intricate layers of the research project's speculative narrative and its exploration of a potential future city constructed entirely from Embryonic Stem Cells, envisioned as a pioneering entity in biotech innovation.

This talk will engage with the work, explore a narrative space where the boundaries between science fiction and tangible reality blur, compelling us to critically examine the implications of biotechnological advancements on our society and environment, and extend our conversations from a feminist perspective, to explore beyond the mere depiction of speculative futures.

We hope to invite you to interrogate the power dynamics inherent in technological innovation and envision alternative pathways towards gender equity and ecological harmony, by engaging with themes of dystopia and utopia within the realm of Web 3.0, we can confront the potentialities and pitfalls of emergent digital landscapes.

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Roleplay Game "Docks & Seamen", Asia-Art-Activism @ esea contemporary, Manchester, UK
- 2023
An original taple-top gaming experience, created and led by artist Yarli Allison and writer Yin Lo. Drawing from their respective research into the Chinese seafaring communities in the North West of the UK, the game offered multiple journeys shaped by choices and chances. The roleplay group game aimed to open up conversations that thread older Chinese diasporic histories with contemporary questions of Chineseness, migration, and community, along with struggles of survival and resilience in the face of racism and precarity. See what happened

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PASAR @ Eternal Night Market (+DJ Rave, celebrating Eastern-Margins), London, UK
- 2023
To celebrate Eastern Margins’ 5th Birthday, Yarli joins Asia-Art-Activism to present PASAR 2.0 (Post-Asian School of Alternative Rites) at the Eternal Night Market with a booth that features queer rabbit god -temporary- tattooing (@yarlipokes). See what happened

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“Oracle Seed Dumplings”+Roundtable @ Bloc Projects, Sheffield, UK
- 2023
A restorative progress prioritising East and South East Asian experience, drawing & sowing seeds with Asia-Art-Activism.
The workshop extend conversations from AAA’s publication of queering history, creating safe spaces, collective memories via sharing oral histories through the process of creative questioning, accessing memories, drawing, seed-growing and solidarity. Find out more

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PANEL: “Decolonising Queer Artistic Space and Practice: Critical Dialogue with Asia-Art-Activism”
- 2023
The critical dialogue brought together artists with Asia-Art-Activism focused on their experiences in decolonising artistic practices, creating safe earth spaces, contesting racial categories, and challenging stigmas and stereotypes through their creative artistic practices, including visual anthropology through virtual reality, drag king performances, and creating safe club spaces ...Read & Watch

INTERVIEW: Yarli Allison | Future Ages Will Wonder @ FACT Liverpool, UK
- 2022
Yarli talks about new commission work at exhibition Future Ages Will Wonder, curated by Annie J Kwan @ FACT Liverpool, presents an “alternative museum” of artworks that use science and technology to question our past and offer new ways of understanding who we are and where we belong.
The artworks on display bring together traditional mediums such as textiles, sculpture, and photography with virtual reality, computer algorithms and synthetic DNA to reimagine stories about our past, present and future. Through this wide range of materials and art-making, the exhibition refocuses where we place attention and what we value: reimagining stories about our past, present and future. Turning attention to alternative histories, the political and ethical issues found in archaeology, botany, genetics and the use of technology in our daily lives, visitors are invited to behold and ‘wonder’ at the advancement of science and technology.

PANEL: Navigating a Changing Creative Sector, Bagri Foundation
- 2022
Bagri Foundation series Navigating Change hosts Yarli Allison (artist), Aakash Odedra (dancer and choreographer), and Dr Imma Ramos (British Museum’s curator) for a multidisciplinary conversation on how they have embraced positive and meaningful change into their life and practice in a changing creative sector with a focus on spaces they have been exploring either digitally or physically in the past year, and how they address risk and scenarios out of their control.

Gaining Ground - Yarli Allison, Boedi Widjaja with Annie Jael Kwan
- 2022
Tracing through the motifs of land, soil and earth, these episodes explore how we develop an understanding of who we are and where we belong. The episode open up a conversation about how we create and share history by exploring other ways of learning such as oral histories, embodied knowledge and folk tales.
Curator Annie chats with artists Yarli Allison and Boedi Widjaja to ask what does the concept of memory mean when making artwork? What are the challenges artists face when systems and technology are used to tell personal stories? And if reconstructing history is important, why? Download Transcript

INTERVIEW: Yarli Allison x Tai Kwun Contemporary 大館當代美術館, Hong Kong
- 2022
Introducing Yarli's new AR Public Art commission with Tai Kwun Contemporary.

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TALK: Videotage x Yarli Allison x Yin Lo: 【𝐈𝐧 𝐕𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐮𝐚𝐥 𝐑𝐞𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐧 𝐖𝐞 (𝐜𝐚𝐧’𝐭) 𝐃𝐞𝐡𝐚𝐮𝐧𝐭】藝術家對談
- 2022
Artists Yarli Allison x writer Yin Lo explores issue of diasporas identities and belongingness in their new work In Virtual Return You (can't) Dehaunt using virtual reality (VR) imagery that intertwines with ethnographic research, reconstructing the ‘homes’ of 4 queer Hong Kongers digitally. Hosted by Angel Leung (Videotage HK).
Talk 1 (Livestream)
Talk 2 (Re-recorded)

- 2022
Had a casual chat with filmmaker Kara @quietopenspace and Composer Rebecca @rebeccaniscomusic, from yarli's work in sculpture, virtual reality, and 3D spaces to discovering a place of belonging through deep-rooted memories.

TALK: Art Power HK: Utilising art to empower the LGBTQ+ community
- 2020
How does art, and in particular digital art, is utilised by the LGBTQ+ community in Asia to challenge societal boundaries around identity and acceptance? The conversation will cover the role of institutional support, the art market and art education in shaping perception and reception of the LGTBQ+ community in Hong Kong.

Yarli Allison - Work YARLI ALLISON (b.88) is a Hong Kong-Canadian born, London-based artist with a multidisciplinary approach that traverses drawing, sculpture, performance, digital, film and installation.