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Yarli Allison, Leti Leti, 2021

Y A R L i   A L L i S O N

  /   林 雅 莉
  /   B.88 Ottawa, Canada / Raised in British colonial Hong Kong
  /   Currently based between London, UK and Paris, FR

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Yarli Allison (b.88 Ottawa, Canada) was raised in British colonial Hong Kong.
Building upon Yarli’s experiences of displacements, they compose ‘what-ifs’ fictitious scenarios as methodological playgrounds that explores “how humans/things live” in utopia/dystopia systems.

These speculative worlds seem hopeful and functional, yet are on the verge of falling apart: either lurking with mythological creatures or personas striving to survive in absurd conditions, or consisting of Yarli’s invented coping mechanisms that futilely heal collective grief.

Current themes of digital humanities, border systems, datafication are explored, along with skinships and affect, powered by thought processes such as queering history, belonging remapping, cognitive restructuring and emotional geography studies.

Yarli’s recent virtual reality generated work(s), with elements of ‘digital gamification’, references an early age period of Yarli’s refuge-seeking in cyberspaces, where the familiar space is “much stabler” than their “tangible diasporic life”.

Heavily influenced by their own perpetual cross-border home-movings, the use of Yarlil’s CGI elements poses questions on their art objects/sculptures’ physicality (gravity), mobility, translation (3D scan), and preservation (e.g. texture) in the arrival of posthuman, dematerialised conditions at our time.

Despite this, Yarli constantly returns to their sculpture-installation background, leaving strong raw-handcrafted traces in the work that emphasise accidents caused by human errors in the making.


Yarli Allison (she/they) - a Canadian-born, Hong Kongese art-worker based in the UK/Paris with an interdisciplinary approach that traverses sculpture, installation, CGI (VR/AR/3D modeling/game), moving-images, drawings, poetry, tattooing, and performances.

Graduated in 2017 with an MFA first-class honour in Sculpture from The Slade School of Fine Art , University College London (UK), Yarli was granted the entry award of the year’s Yitzhak Danziger scholarship.

Yarli’s recent works (2021-22) were exhibited at Tai Kwun Contemporary, (HK), LINZ FMR (Austria), FACT (Liverpool), Barbican Centre (London), Institute of Contemporary Arts: ICA (London), V&A Museum (London).

Recent grants include Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grant, and Canadian Council for the Arts Travel Grant.

Yarli was selected as one of the Canadian artists to be presented at The State Hermitage Museum's Young Artists Program in St. Petersburg and 30 Under 30 at The Gardiner Museum, Toronto (2014). In 2017, Yarli co-curated a collective digital installation pop-up MEMEMEME in The Crypt Gallery in central London with 42 emerging international artists.

Their directed queer-porn Elephant the Allison (2018) explores obsessions, imagined identity formation, and digital dating experiences as queer ESEA folks in the “West”, which has screened internationally across multiple Queer Film Festivals (2018-2022).

Yarli’s work was reviewed by Deborah Levy in Ivan Juritz Prize (2017), and featured in The Guardian, Evening Standard, and beyond (2022). They were invited as a guest speaker of Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London (2022), Academic of Visual Arts, HKBU and The Arts Show, BBC Radio Ulster (2018).

They are a working member of Asia-Art-Activism and Asia Forum with different capacities.

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// 簡 曆 //

林雅莉是跨媒體藝術家,運用虛擬塑模、雕塑、錄像、裝置、詩詞、畫作和表演等媒介創作。她以一級榮譽學位畢業於英國倫敦大學學院斯萊德藝術學院的雕塑藝術碩士(2017),入學時取得Yitzhak Danziger獎學金。

她的作品曾於世界各地展出,包括多倫多的加德納陶瓷博物館(2015)、俄羅斯聖彼得堡冬宮埃爾米塔日博物館(2016)、雅典TAF藝術基金(2018)、香港錄映太奇(2020)、香港大館古蹟及藝術館(2021)、利物浦藝術與創意科技基金會(FACT Liverpool)(2021)、曼徹斯特ESEA當代藝術中心(2022)、英國倫敦當代藝術中心(2022)以及多個國際電影節(2018-2023)。


Yarli Allison - Work YARLI ALLISON (b.88) is a Hong Kong-Canadian born, London-based artist with a multidisciplinary approach that traverses drawing, sculpture, performance, digital, film and installation.