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..... PRISON? 𝘎𝘈𝘙𝘋𝘌𝘕! ..... 監獄?花園!》

....... Wall Art with Augmented reality (AR)
....... Commissioned by Tai Kwun Contemporary
....... Hong Kong
....... 2021

..... PRESS:

監獄?花園!》 是藝術家林雅莉的互動裝置,也是大館「55平方米」的第三個委約作品。作品把植物角色和大館的建築元素融為一體,同時以實物及數碼方式呈現;林雅莉運用她對離鄉別井和團結互助的精妙隱喻,表達出期待、興奮、悲傷和焦慮等複雜情緒。




PRISON? 𝘎𝘈𝘙𝘋𝘌𝘕!, an interactive installation by the artist Yarli Allison, is the third commissioned work of '55 Squared' at Tai Kwun. PRISON? 𝘎𝘈𝘙𝘋𝘌𝘕! brings together floral characters and architectural elements at Tai Kwun, both physically and digitally; with her fantastic metaphors of solidarity and uprootedness, Allison fills the work with complex emotions of anticipation, excitement, grief, and anxiety.

On the two-dimensional surface of the ‘55 Squared’ wall appear garden creatures that include uprooted plants, crying cats, resting ladybugs, and leaves camouflaged with QR codes. While her floral and botanical characters serve as metaphors for the suffering and anxiety of recent years, the rootedness and uprootedness symbolise solidarity on the one hand, and dispersion as well as diasporic experiences on the other.

The QR codes further extend the work digitally onto the Parade Ground, with an Augmented Reality (AR) sculptural garden where her fictional creatures vividly come to life. Through the AR filter, the artist welcomes visitors into her fantastic garden of pixels; they get to walk through flapping prison gates and under arched prison windows, and approach uprooted plants that apparently appear cheerful and yet are shedding blood and tears...

Test out this experience in Tai Kwun, scan the QR code leaves in the new ‘55 Squared’ wall art and wander into the fantastic PRISON? 𝘎𝘈𝘙𝘋𝘌𝘕!

....... CREDIT:

監獄?花園!》由何苑瑜和秦文娟聯合策展。 // PRISON? GARDEN! is co-curated by Louiza Ho and Jill Angel Chun. // AR programming and animating: MetaObjects // Instruction Board Design: Winky Cheung // 3D Modelling: Yarli Allison // Wall Art: Yarli Allison

....... LINKS: TAIKWUN PAGE // ARTIST INTERVIEW VIDEO (攝影 Video:何沛鈞 Karson Ho@ wakaka creative)

....... 2021
....... Room 14 , Singapore
....... Under.Line, Grotto SKW / Hong Kong

Yarli Allison - Work YARLI ALLISON (b.88) is a Hong Kong-Canadian born, London-based artist with a multidisciplinary approach that traverses drawing, sculpture, performance, digital, film and installation.