Objects once in studios

Ideas comes and goes; objects were once there and gone. Thoughts have created into concrete forms.

The objects were crafted from the fragments in my mind. They were the baby steps waiting to grow strong, simliar as the sketches of a painting. They were material exploration, tests, puzzles of myself – the movements in the studios.

A rolling thing, 2010

A rolling thing, 2010

Literacy Name Game, 2014
Through this sound-based translation process, I want to express my difficulties of remembering foreign names and recreate this experience to the locals. I collected my peers’ English name and translated their name in unqiue Cantonese characters based on the pronunciations. Working on each panel, I had a chance to reconnect the impressions to each person. As part of this literacy game, viewers have to identify the new form of their names, and find the right match between panels and a bilingual name sheet.

A turning wood "helmet", 2014

A wood helmet hung on the wall, 2014

Alex's face in the helmet testing the echos from her sound, 2014

Movements on surfaces - 2009~ A series of paintings and drawings. Missing the physicality of throwing paint on surfaces.

A Weird being (Unglazed), 2014 - I drew tiny bears and clouds all over the surface after.

While The Uprooted is unfinished, 2011

A...something, 2013

Life size 'dead body' working impulsively in progress (2014) 'Dead body' will be turned into an performative installation

Life size skeleton working in progress (2013)

A Reminder of Self , B&W Photo Print, Figure Glazed Stoneware - 128cm (H) x 43cm (W) x 56cm (D), 2014

Lollipops part of Eye Stand, 2013

The very first draft of Eye Stand, 2011 made with copper

Something mini - pieces moveable and detachable, 2011 - made with silver and copper

Melting my home keys from Hong Kong in Toronto, 2014

Something in the kiln, 2012

A bird with keyhold, 2014

Someone rooted, 2010

Some toys I carved, 2013

I kept blowing PEANUTS in my glass blowing class, 2012

More peanuts, 2012

Some wood, 2013

A life scale drawing of my body with writings comment on the pain sensation I tested on the area, 2010

50+ printed photographs - Gesture study, 2011

I poured plaster on my face and head, 2011

Some toy I made tried to gift away but , 2014 - now my hedgehog bites them

Glass fish and 10 duckies I blowed, 2011

Something for you to put on..., 2010

"Your Child Needs To Be Fixed", 2013, Porcelain Figures (Square and Round head), steel, wood and glass box with paperboard, lamp with red lightbulb, Two figures approximately 15 x 20cm, Cage 45(W) x 31(H) x 35(D)cm

Every Bodies Toilet, Glazed stoneware, Approx. 4 x 2 x 2 inch, 2014

Every Bodies Toilet (Detail)

Every Bodies Toilet was exhibited in Toronto World Pride 2014, Bending The Horizon, OCADU Graduate Gallery, Toronto. A show curated by Wendy Coburn

Performance with Ella Yu, Length 04:00, 2014

Performance with Ella Yu, Length 04:00, 2014

Performance with Ella Yu, Length 04:00, 2014

Draft of Me(n)tal Skin Cage, 2014

Along with Me(n)tal Skin Cage 01, I am planning to build Cage 02 starting from early 2015, which involves more body (performative) movements to interact with the cage, or force others to take control of the cage.

Me in cage 01.1 before it was gone, 2014

Want To Be Gulugulu With You, 2016

..... 2018

Fortune Teller Is Not Here, 2018

Elephant the Allison, 2018

Missing Chicken_Assembling with Open Mouths, 2018


..... 2017

Sea Chicken - A short memoir on Immigration Tide, 2017 I Wish You Pluffy Pluffy, 2017

Sound Ball Game: Watermelon Salad, 2017

..... 2016

Momo, The Talking Hair, 2016 Study of Pores, 2016 No Jumper in Nowhere, 2016 From Kendra, with Love (let's not talk about it)., 2016 The Poems of Walls #1-4, 2016 Wood-Eye, Eye-Human (木-目,目-人), 2016

.................... 2015
"It Says There Is A Dead Body", 2015 Me(n)tal Skin Cage 02, 2015 280 Hours of Attachment, 2015 Exposure Practice I & II, 2015

.................. 2014

Me(n)tal Skin Cage 01, 2014 Absent Friends, 2014

............ 2009-13

The Tiniest Projects, 2011- Mary's Everlasting Vacation Project Stuff leaking out from my mind to studios, 2009- Body Boxes, 2013