Growing Pieces Attaching to the Wall(s) /

(On-going separate works of experiences those inseparable)

____________________________/ one relate to another / # landscape # nomatic # journal /

____________________________/ between Canada, Hong Kong and Europe

____________________________ Potato Dream
____________________________Miniture Stoneware Ceramics Beds and painted wood-wrapping paper mounted on frame, Athens & UK, 2018, (photo by Alexandros Ioannidis)

____________________________ Comfort Call, Willow Seed, rubber, paper, acrylic wooden panel. Box: Eletronic wirings with buttons and aduio-speed controller and headphone jack with an acrylic painted wooden box, 2018 UK

____________________________Little People (Maybe There Is A Way) , / Stoneware Ceramics, steel and acrylic on paper / Size various
Figures 1.5 (H) x 0.5 (W) inch approx. / 2014~go-going, Started in Canada, I take them wherever I reside now.

Maybe There Is A Way is honoured to participate in:

Gardiner Museum, 12 TREES: 30 UNDER 30 Emerging Artist Auction, Toronto, 2014
Ontario College of Art and Design University, The Figurative Exhibition, Toronto, 2014

Chalk, glue, neon perspex, clay, leather, fake-plant, wires, leather straps, ink on memo pad, oil on plastic fork, hand-bent aluminium case.
26.5 (H) x 15 (D) x 40 (W) cm / 2020 UK

Full Size: 75 (H) x 36 (D) x 68 (W) cm / Frame only: 66 (H) x 4 (D) x 50.5 (W)cm / Box only: 20 (H) x 31 (D) x 16 (W)cm.
Mixed Media

(External: Spray paint on 3D-printed Pineapple, Tattooed Leather, Tattooed air-dry tangerine orange, Saw-dust, Paint on frame with cardboard, painted shots-cup and fake plant. BOX: Handmade Ceramic Figure, Rubber, Paper-Thread, neon perspex, coffee ground, Gnome wax candel, Walnut Wood Wall, Foamboard, Screws, hand-bent Aluminium) / Hong Kong / UK, 2019-20

BLUE FACE, Mixed-Media. 48.6 (H) x 2 (D) x 44 (W) cm. 2020 UK

____________________________ Blue Cube, Ink and Acrylic on wooden panels, UK, 2017


_______________/ Studio Progress and yet-to-publish works are often found here (click)

..... 2019/20
Wrestling Blues, 2019-20

A Wave Of Garden Things Falls on U, 2019

Works on Walls, 2019~On-Going


..... 2017/18

Fortune Teller Is Not Here, 2018

Elephant the Allison, 2018

Missing Chicken_Assembling with Open Mouths, 2018


Sea Chicken - A short memoir on Immigration Tide, 2017 I Wish You Pluffy Pluffy, 2017

..... 2016

Momo, The Talking Hair, 2016 No Jumper in Nowhere, 2016 From Kendra, with Love (let's not talk about it)., 2016 The Poems of Walls #1-4, 2016 Wood-Eye, Eye-Human (木-目,目-人), 2016

.................... 2015
"It Says There Is A Dead Body", 2015 Me(n)tal Skin Cage 02, 2015

............ Very Old, but important stuff

The Tiniest Projects, 2011- Mary's Everlasting Vacation Project, 2007 Studio / experimental impulses (2009-2018) Body Boxes, 2013

YARLI ALLISON (b.88) is a Hong Kong-Canadian born, London-based artist with a multidisciplinary approach that traverses sculpture, performance, digital, film, drawing and installation.