Yarli Allison - Work


Growing Pieces Attaching to the Wall(s)

(On-going separate works of experiences that are inseparable)

____/ one relate to another / # landscape # nomatic # journal /

____/ between Canada, Hong Kong and Europe

____ Potato Dream
____Miniture Stoneware Ceramics Beds and painted wood-wrapping paper mounted on frame, Athens & UK, 2018, (photo by Alexandros Ioannidis)

____ Comfort Call , Willow Seed, rubber, paper, acrylic wooden panel. Box: Eletronic wirings with buttons and aduio-speed controller and headphone jack with an acrylic painted wooden box, 2018 UK

____Little People (Maybe There Is A Way) , / Stoneware Ceramics, steel and acrylic on paper / Size various
Figures 1.5 (H) x 0.5 (W) inch approx. / 2014~go-going, Started in Canada, I take them wherever I reside now.

Maybe There Is A Way
is honoured to participate in:

Gardiner Museum, 12 TREES: 30 UNDER 30 Emerging Artist Auction, Toronto, 2014
Ontario College of Art and Design University, The Figurative Exhibition, Toronto, 2014

Chalk, glue, neon perspex, clay, leather, fake-plant, wires, leather straps, ink on memo pad, oil on plastic fork, hand-bent aluminium case.
26.5 (H) x 15 (D) x 40 (W) cm / 2020 UK

Full Size: 75 (H) x 36 (D) x 68 (W) cm / Frame only: 66 (H) x 4 (D) x 50.5 (W)cm / Box only: 20 (H) x 31 (D) x 16 (W)cm.
Mixed Media

(External: Spray paint on 3D-printed Pineapple, Tattooed Leather, Tattooed air-dry tangerine orange, Saw-dust, Paint on frame with cardboard, painted shots-cup and fake plant. BOX: Handmade Ceramic Figure, Rubber, Paper-Thread, neon perspex, coffee ground, Gnome wax candel, Walnut Wood Wall, Foamboard, Screws, hand-bent Aluminium) / Hong Kong / UK, 2019-20

BLUE FACE , Mixed-Media. 48.6 (H) x 2 (D) x 44 (W) cm. 2020 UK

____ Blue Cube , Ink and Acrylic on wooden panels, UK, 2017


____/ Studio Progress and yet-to-publish works are often found here (click)

Yarli Allison - Work YARLI ALLISON (b.88) is a Hong Kong-Canadian born, London-based artist with a multidisciplinary approach that traverses sculpture, performance, digital, film, drawing and installation.