Body Boxes
Burned Hard Maple and Basswood Boxes
Video documentary (Length 06:30)
Size various

(Above: Screenshot of my head + brain being burnt)

(Below: Installation view with campfire background sound)

Body Boxes Social event:

Body Boxes expresses one of my definition of understanding my body and mind: Body are not only container of self but also physical barriers between souls. The work explores the feeling of consciousness being isolated in a sense of containment, that the body and mind are not synchronized but are travelling in parallel lines. In the perspective of material substance, body literally takes up spaces, which indicates one’s existence depends on whether the person feels present or not.

21 wooden boxes with lids were made in sizes those based on the dimensions of my body parts from the inside and outside, including organs of brain and heart. Through the making of Body Boxes, I reconstructed and burnt my Body Boxes with my own hands to experiment the physical existence and boxes in social events (boxes burned in a campfire event I held).

* The arrangement of the work may vary.

* Body Boxes was installed on my 2013 birth-day inside a display box at Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD University, Toronto) 1/F besides woodshop for the entire 2014. Thank you Stan.

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